In partnership with the U.K. digital vendor Exact Editions, Publishers Weekly has launched an iPhone app to coincide with the start of BookExpo America. Readers will be able to download the new PW iPhone app and access PW content starting with the April 26 pre-BEA issue on through current issues, including free daily access to Show Daily content from BEA (first print issue of Show Daily was published today with two more editions to come).

The launch of the app comes a day after PW announced deals with Scribd for a PW-branded Scribd reader and a partnership with Zinio to offer free access to BEA Show Daily content. Zinio is also offering for-pay online subscriptions to PW for the iPad as well as for PC and Mac laptops and desktops. PW editors Calvin Reid and Andrew Albanese will be at the Zinio booth on May 26 and 27, respectively, to demonstrate access to PW content using Zinio’s iWall, a giant video screen display set up at the Zinio booth.

PW president George Slowik Jr. said the PW/Exact Editions iPhone app offers a “Freemium” model. Initially, readers will be able to freely access PW content—from the pre-BEA issue up to the Show Daily—for a 30-day period before being offered a variety of subscription plans. Those plans will range from full access to all PW print and online content to selected levels of access to the specialty newsletters. Details on subscription pricing and access levels will be announced later.