F+W Media has dramatically increased the number of titles available through its 21 eStores, signing a deal with the Ingram Content Group that will supply F+W’s publishing communities with approximately 500,000 titles. The 21 stores, which serve such niche groups as writing and design, currently have about 3,000 products, most published by F+W. The Ingram offerings will be a mix of print and e-books from all publishers.

“Our goal is to build out our stores,” said F+W CEO David Nussbaum of the deal which was first agreed to at BEA. Under the agreement, the stores’ backend will be tied to Ingram which will provide fulfillment for the titles, while F+W will market the products through its vertical communities. “Direct to consumer fulfillment has been expanding rapidly for us,” noted Ingram Content Group CEO Skip Prichard. He views the agreement with F+W as providing publishers with another sales channel for its content. “It’s another way we are empowering booksellers,” Prichard added. Terms weren’t disclosed, but Nussbaum called it a “semi-traditional” wholesaler-retailer deal.

The first titles will be added to F+W’s fine art and design communities, adding all relevant titles from the Ingram’s database to F+W’s NorthLightShop.com and My DesignShop.com. Additional titles will be released across the company’s eStores in the coming months.

Both Nussbaum and Prichard said they will look for additional ways to work together. Nussbaum noted that eventually he intends to offer more than content through the eStores. ”We could sell wool through our crafts store,” he said.