A daily roundup of book and publishing news from across the Web: Davidar Sets Far East Media Aflame; Books, Mayo; Comparing Kindle Bestsellers Lists; A New Lit Talk Show; Glenn Beck Reviewed; News Corp. Buys Skiff.

Davidar Sets Far East Media Aflame
The Toronto Star reports on how Davidar's ousting from Penguin has the media in India talking.

Books, Mayonnaise
A funny police blotter report about a 74-year old woman who keeps putting mayo in the library drop books--she was arrested for doing it!

Comparing Kindle Bestsellers Lists
Here, one book blogger weighs in on Amazon's move to split its Kindle bestsellers lists into free and paid categories.

A New Literary Talk Show
Publishing Perspectives reports on a New York-based online book talk show with a European flair.

Glenn Beck Reviewed
According to The Washington Post, Beck's new novel has no literary value, but that has little do do with the impact it may or may not have...

News Corp. Buys Skiff
The company controlled by Rupert Murdoch took several significant steps on Monday toward preparing to charge readers for access to its content online, including the acquisition of an electronic reading platform called Skiff.