Since David Davidar resigned as president of Penguin Canada last Tuesday, a scandal has unfolded involving sexual harrassment charges. Here is all of PW's coverage of the controversial events.

Rundle Says Penguin Fired Her

June 14: Completing the circle of accusations and denials in the story of David Davidar’s dismissal as the president of Penguin Group (Canada), the lawyer for the former Penguin employee who filed a sexual harassment suit against Davidar has issued a statement.

Davidar Denies Accusations; Says Charges Forced Departure

June 12: The separation between Penguin Canada and former president David Davidar is getting nasty. After Penguin issued a statement Friday announcing that former rights and contract director Lisa Rundle had filed a number of different charges against Davidar and the company--including sexual harassment charges against Davidar--Davidar issued his own statement, saying that he was “disappointed” that Penguin had made a public statement about the litigation.

Harassment Charges Filed Against Davidar

June 11: With questions swirling in Canada about the surprise resignation of Penguin Canada president David Davidar, the company issued a statement Friday afternoon announcing that Penguin’s former rights and contracts director Lisa Rundle charged Davidar with sexual harassment in an action yesterday.

Davidar Resigns from Penguin Canada

June 8: David Davidar has resigned as president of Penguin Canada and is returning to India a to return to writing and other projects, Penguin Canada announced Tuesday afternoon.