A daily roundup of book and publishing news from across the Web: The Russian Ulysses; World-Changing Books on Twitter; Flannery O'Connor to Host NBA Announcement; Self-Pub'd Success; Kindle Meets Paper.

The Russian Ulysses and Other Ulysseses
Yesterday was Bloomsday. To celebrate, the novelist Joshua Cohen runs down the list of books from all over the world that have been called their country's Ulysses.

World-Changing Books on Twitter
The WSJ reports on a trending topic on Twitter--"The Books that Changed My World."

Flannery O'Connor to Host National Book Award Finalist Announcement
Well, not quite, but the Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home has been named the venue for the NBA finalist announcement.

A Self-Publishing Success Story
An author tells HuffPo how, after this thriller was rejected 24 times, he put it up for cheap in the Kindle store and found success.

Kindle Meets Paper
eBookNewser reports on a new Kindle cover from the folks at Moleskine--it's a notebook on one side, Kindle cover on the other...