A daily roundup of book and publishing news from across the Web: The iPhone 4 in 3; E-Books Are Official; Celebs Make Fun of Celeb Bios; Steinbeck Archives Sell Poorly; Hemingway, Fish and the Future.

The iPhone 4 Launch in 3 Minutes

That’s what this video will show you. From Mashable!

E-Books Are Official

So says one HuffPo contributor, who says the e-reader price cuts mean e-books are indeed the future.

Celebs Make Fun of Celeb Autobiographies

Check out this video, in which Florence Henderson and others read from celebrities’ autobiographies.

Steinbeck Archives Don’t Sell Well

An auction for papers from John Steinbeck’s apartment didn’t go too well. From Salon.

Hemingway, Fish and the Future

A blog post from The New York Times about Hemingway’s fishing habits and a forthcoming book about the damage fishing has done.