For today’s PW Morning Report we thought we’d try something a little different to see how you like it. Rather than a list of links, think of this as a little snapshot in prose (some of it underlined and blue) of what PW is curious about this morning, some thoughts to propel you and us into a new day of working in publishing.

In tech news, there’s the question of the future of e-readers. The New York Times wonders about how—and when—flexible screens will change the way we think of digital reading. Apparently, it won’t be long till e-readers that flop and fold hit the market, but there are a few challenges still to be overcome before this technology is in our hands. In the meantime, Android phone users now have a Kindle app of their own. Also, if you were wondering why there are no e-books of Bolano titles, or e-books by many other authors represented by the Wylie Agency, eBookNewser explains.

Also, if yesterday’s heat didn’t tip you off, it’s summer, which, according to Forbes, means it’s time to read financial books at the beach—who knew? The magazine cites “a new trend…for summer 2010: prettied up financial guides, memoirs and fictional tales of women who, armed with outrageous credit card limits, spent beyond their means, found themselves at rock bottom and lived to tell the tale.” Fun and relaxing? If not, you can fritter away your beach hours dreaming of Sammy Hagar’s upcoming autobiography.

Finally, with True Blood back on the air, we wonder whether the vampire trend is winding down, or still heating up. Vanity Fair talks to Charlaine Harris, author of the books that inspired the show, about this pressing issue.

Happy reading. And now that you’ve come to the end of this slightly revamped Morning Report, we’re wondering if you can tell us what you think. We’d love it if you'd respond to the poll to the right.