The e-reader price wars waked on yesterday with the slashing of the Kindle DX price to a still-hefty $379. PC Magazine goes over the reasons why Amazon had to make this substantial cut, and how the 9.7" screened device doesn't fit in well with the budding tablet market. Would you buy a Kindle DX when you could have an iPad for less than $150 more? Also on the e-reader front, Barnes & Noble unveiled its July lineup of "More in Store" free extras for Nook owners.

Getting kids to read over the summer is a big deal all over. Who knew that McDonald's would get into the summer reading game? Well, they have, according to the Detroit Free Press--good old Ronald is teaming up with the Detroit Public Library to offer incentives to encourage kids to read. On a similar note, Publishing Perspectives wonders whether Ripple Reader, an online kids book platform, will get families reading together. Also on the kids' front, Entertainment Weekly talks to the screenwriter for the Twilight films.