OR Books, the start-up behind last fall's Sarah Palin spoof Going Rouge, is crashing another timely title, Deepwater Horizon: The Oil Disaster, Its Aftermath and Our Future by Peter Lehner with Bob Deans. The book--the first to appear on the massive offshore oil spill--is on sale now at OR's Web site as both a print book and an e-book, and co-publisher John Oakes said OR expects to license the book to a traditional publisher that would sell its edition to stores and wholesalers, as it did with Going Rouge.

Oakes and Colin Robinson launched OR last October. The house has published three books in addition to Deepwater Horizon. It sells all its titles direct-to-consumer, as print books and e-books, and bundles the two together for a discounted price. Deepwater runs 224 pages. The paperback is $16, the e-book is $10, and both together are $20. The print and e-editions are released simultaneously, and only available on OR's site.

Lehner is executive director of the Natural Resources Defense Council. The book provides a brief account of the disaster, what Lehner sees as its causes, and how to avoid similar catastrophes in the future.