Ok, this is super-cool--it turns out print books really are better than e-books for some things: a new study, cited iPad news daily, shows that you can actually read the same story faster in print than you can on an iPad or a Kindle. It also appears that the e-reader price wars are mostly being fought on American soil--according to PC Pro, Sony has hardly dropped its e-reader prices in the UK. Also, check out this HuffPo story about how Apple rejected the self-published novel by the editor of the tech site CNET.

In other news, we’ve just done our fall listings, as you can see from the links at the top of this page. The Millions also has its version--a hip fall preview, weighing in on the most interesting fall books.

And here’s an interesting speculation--a new book wonders whether Emily Dickinson had epilepsy, which might account for her mysterious shut-in life. You can listen to the story on NPR.org.