Cursor, the publishing venture founded by former Soft Skull publisher Richard Nash, has officially launched its first imprint, called Red Lemonade, and revealed the three titles that will compose its first list, publishing in Spring 2011, featuring a new book by Lynne Tillman, as well as debut novels by two new authors.

Here are the three initial titles, which will be published as trade paperbacks, e-books and limited edition books:

Someday This Will Be Funny Lynne Tillman (April 2011)

Zazen Vanessa Veselka (May 2011)

Follow Me Down Kio Stark (June 2011)

Red Lemonade will also bring back into print four of Tillman’s backlist titles: Haunted Houses, Motion Sickness, Cast in Doubt, and No Lease on Life. Cursor’s contracts feature unusual terms, only retaining rights to books for three years.

In a press release, Nash said, “While Cursor’s aim is nothing less than the reinvention of the publishing business model, all publishing begins with the writer, in our case three writers, all women, one an internationally-celebrated novelist, the other two thrilling debuts by writers with long careers ahead of them. They are powerful representatives of the kind of writing Red Lemonade will foster, house, and promote.”

Cursor will be selling rights for all three books at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and French rights to Veselka’s Zazen have already been sold to Zanzibar Editions.

Another aspect of Cursor, a social network, has yet to launch; information is available at