After mounting problems at Dorchester Publishing--the house announced plans to drop its traditional mass marekt paperback business in favor of a digital/print-on-demand list amid mounting complaints of late royalty payments and contract defaults--author Angie Fox has reclaimed her rights from the publisher in order to self-publish her book, The Last Demon Slayers.

Fox, who claims she's the first Dorchester author to make this move, released The Last of the Demon Slayers as a Kindle edition yesterday; the book was schueduled to drop from Dorchester on December 28. Fox will also be doing a POD edition of the book through Amazon.

Although Fox is no stranger to the big houses--she's currently under contract ta both Kensington and St. Martin's Press--self-publishing seemed like the most logical option for her orphaned Dorchester title. “It was a decision I never thought I’d make–to take back a book that had already sold. But I just had to take charge and do what was best for my books and my readers.”