The BookMasters Group has created an arrangement for its publishing clients to publish e-books, entering into a partnership with MPS Limited, which is owned by Macmillan and helps publishers get their content into print and e-versions. As a result of the alliance, BookMaster customers will have access to services for e-books, enhanced e-books, and apps; and MPS customers will be able to utilize BMI's Converso service, which distributes e-books hosted on MPS' ContentStore to Amazon, Apple, OverDrive, Barnes & Noble, Gardners, and 35 other online retailers.

David B Wurster, CEO of The BookMasters Group, said, "BookMasters has been offering composition-related production services since 1984. However with the rapid emergence of different distribution platforms for digital content, I believe that MPS offers the most dynamic breadth of offshore services while bringing critical knowledge and capacity to our U.S. clientele."

BMI also just announced a warehousing/fulfillment partnership with Biohealthcare Publishing in Oxford, UK. Biohealthcare publishers academic and professional books.