Always adventurous publisher Taschen is launching its first line of 3D books, and, as you’d expect from a house known for its outsize books—and subjects—the first Taschen books getting the 3D treatment are Taschen’s Big Body Parts series: The Big Penis Book and The Big Book of Breasts.

Taschen worked with the Brain Factory, a Los Angeles creative outfit specializing in 3D that has collaborated with director/producer Tim Burton, on the images for the books. Unlike most 3D images, which have red and blue hues surrounding the photos when viewed without 3D glasses, these images look normal when viewed with the naked eye. With glasses, however, they are in 3D.

The Big Body Parts series launched in 2007. All four titles in the series are still in print: The Big Book of Breasts (2007), The Big Penis Book (2008), The Big Book of Legs (2009), and The Big Butt Book (2010). They are priced at $59.99, while the 3D editions, out in April and May, will be $39.99—almost the same dimensions (11" x 11"), but fewer pages. Some content has been removed and some new images added. The 3D editions come with 3D glasses (in Taschen style, they’re tortoise shell).