Ingram Content Group officially opened its Lightning Source Australia facility in Melbourne Thursday, its fifth globally networked print-on-demand plant. The opening of Ingram’s Australia location broadens the reach of the publishers that work with Lightning Source to a network of bookstores, libraries, and online retailers around the world. At launch, over 1.3 million titles from more than 400 worldwide publishers will be available to Australian consumers through leading book retailers and library suppliers.

“With the opening of Lightning Source Australia, publishers can take advantage of the Ingram network to print locally and receive all the benefits that they traditionally have through Lightning Source,” said Skip Prichard, president and CEO of Ingram Content Group. According to Ingram, the combination of Ingram and Lightning Source can get any book to its ultimate destination anywhere in the world—from a digital file to a reader’s hands—in four to five days, and as little as two days to most locations.