If heft is what you're looking for—as well as something that can do double duty keeping doors ajar—you'll have a few literary options this fall. Whether you're in the market for revisionist history or alternate reality, you'll be able to find something clocking in at just under, or just over, 1,000 pages.

Author: Neal Stephenson
Title: reamde
Publisher William Morrow
Synopsis: A wealthy game developer is embroiled in a dangerous scheme when hackers create a computer virus that affects the players of the popular virtual world he created.
Pages: 1,056
Pub Date: Sept. 20

Author: Haruki Murakami
Title: 1Q84
Publisher: Knopf
Synopsis: An intertwining plot involves two Japanese residents of Tokyo in 1984—a woman who thinks she is living in an alternate reality and a ghost writer who becomes dangerously absorbed in his project.
Pages: 968
Pub Date: Oct. 25

Auhor: Péter Nádas
Title: Parallel Lives
Publisher: FSG
Synopsis: A sweeping examination of Europe, told through the prism of three Hungarians; per PW's review, notable space is given to a variety of topics, including "bodily excretions, transgressive sex, and the many parts used in the completion of both exercises."
Pages: 1,152
Pub Date: Oct. 25

Author: Stephen King
Title: 11/22/63
Publisher: Scribner
Synopsis: A high school English teacher from Maine travels back in time and settles into a new life in the 1960s, aiming to prevent JFK's assassination.
Pages: 965
Pub Date: Nov. 3