This week, Publishers Weekly launches a new podcast series in partnership with the Copyright Clearance Center's “Beyond the Book.” Each Friday, editors from PW will join host Chris Kenneally for a quick look back at the week the week that was, and an early look at the forthcoming issue of PW.

This week, Andrew Richard Albanese, PW Features Editor, reports on Amazon's deal to turn the Kindle into a virtual library, while in a pair of courtrooms, litigants face off over digitization. He also has a rundown of the September 26 issue of PW, which includes the annual “Frankfurt Preview,” featuring “Frankfurt Briefcase,” Rachel Deahl’s round-up of some of the hot titles agents and publishers will be bringing to the Fair.

Rose Fox, PW review editor, and blogger at Genreville, offers some highlights from the reviews pages, including a a rave review of Naomi Benaron's debut, RUNNING THE RIFT, which won the 2010 Bellwether Prize, and in nonfiction, a Q&A with Ellen DeGeneres, who explains how humor helps her get through hard times.

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