With the departure of Tina Pohlman from Crown, the Random House division is reorganizing once again. Pohlman, who just took a new executive spot at Open Road, was v-p and publisher of Three Rivers Press and Broadway Books. Her exit has led to a new executive structure that puts the imprints Pohlman was overseeing, both paperback ones, in closer alignment with the hardcover imprints in the division. The changes also follow a steady series of hires and structural tweaks at Crown, which began when Maya Mavjee took over the division in May 2010.

Tina Constable--who is currently responsible for Crown, Crown Business, Crown Forum and Harmony Books--will now be overseeing big picture issues with Three Rivers Press. Mauro Dipreta, v-p and editor-in-chief of Crown Acrhetype, will handle day-to-day operations of Three Revers. Molly Stern, senior v-p and publisher of Crown and Hogarth, is adding oversight of Broadway Books to her role.

The reporting structure at Crown will now see Amanda Patten, senior editor at Three Rivers, reporting to Dipreta. Stephanie Knapp, assistant editor, and Jessica Wallin, publishing assistant, will both report to Patten.

Alexish Washam, who was senior editor at Broadway, has been promoted to senior editor for Crown and Hogarth, and will now report to Stern. There will also be some staffing-up at Broadway, according to Random House, and Stern will soon hire "a paperback veteran to manage the day-to-day operations of the imprint." Until Stern names someone to oversee Broadway, Megan Stacey, who is an editor at the imprint, will be reporting to Stern.