Earlier this month, Kensington's new digital only imprint eKensington launched with its first two titles, Rebecca Zanetti's Consumed and Lindsey Brookes's Jimmie Joe Johnson: Manwhore--the beginning of the imprint's mission to publish both new works and classic titles from Kensington's extensive backlist. Going forward, an upcoming title the imprint is touting is Fern Michaels's Fancy Dancer, to publish in September 2012, which is an e-original written specifically for eKensington's early launch list.

Editorial director Alicia Condon will oversee eKensington, which plans to publish about 70 titles per year (beginning with three to six titles per month) and price titles between $2.99 and $6.99. That range is not necessarily absolute, noted Kensington president and CEO Steven Zacharius, who added that pricing is determined by length and author. eKensington's standard royalty rates are 30% to 10,000 copies and 50% thereafter, with no advance. The digital imprint does have a contract clause that provides for an advance if it later decides to go ahead and publish the book as a printed edition.