FastPencil and Barnes & Noble have announced a deal that will see FastPencil's titles carried in Barnes & Noble bookstores as well as in Nook bookshelf merchandising.

As part of the deal, FastPencil will meet quarterly with B&N buyer's and present a number of its titles. FastPencil has three imprints: Premier (for established, top-tier authors like Mercer Mayer and Steven Pressfield), Wavecrest (for mid-tier authors), and So far this year, 18 titles have received placement in B&N stores. FastPencil co-founder Steve Wilson said that all Premier titles will be presented to B&N buyers, "a good chunk" of Wavecrest titles will be presented, and "a small chunk" of titles. In total, Wilson envisions 25-50 FastPencil books will be in B&N stores annually. "This is a big opportunity for self-publishers," Wilson said.