The independent publisher Melville House is hoping to entice readers to its classics series, The Art of the Novella, through a subscription offer that gives readers both print and digital copies. The subscription offer on the series, which features novella-length works from a collection of authors ranging from Tolstoy to Virginia Woolfe, launches Tuesday and will offer three different options--print-only, digital-only, and a combination--at a mix of price points depending on subscription length.

Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson said the subscription model is something the house has "been working on for a long time" and that, with this series, which is one of the most popular the house does, "the nice that it allowed us to really significantly reduce the price." (Through the model, the titles at the most inexpensive price point are offered through a one-year digital subscription for $6.99 per month.)

The titles will be available in multiple formats including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.