Harlequin is partnering with the women's magazine Cosmopolitan to publish a series of co-branded romance novels. The new line is called Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin, and will feature e-originals by Harlequin authors that will be roughly 30,000 words long. The length, which is shorter than e-originals usually issued by Harlequin, will, it's hoped, appeal to readers consuming romance fiction on a variety of devices.

Through the deal, two e-books will be released every month priced at $3.99, starting in May 2013. The titles will bear both the Harlequin and Cosmopolitan logos. Harlequin added that the books will feature "narratives centering on modern young women living the free-spirited and outgoing lifestyle espoused by the international magazine."

The grouping will, Harlequin pointed out, pair its authors with the world's largest women's magazine, as well as the biggest-selling monthly title in the U.S. E-books will be available on all platforms worldwide.