Osprey Publishing, the Oxford-based military history publisher, has announced plans to launch a new imprint called Osprey Adventures. According to Osprey, the new imprint will focus “on the blurred lines where fact and fiction meet.” Joseph McCullough, project manager for Osprey Adventures, said the expansion into a new area is a natural move since company research showed readers of military history also like science fiction and fantasy.

The first series to launch under the Osprey Adventures imprint, Myths and Legends, will be available in March. Each title in this series examines a specific legendary figure or a collection of myths. A second series, Dark Osprey, explores the worlds of fantasy, horror, secret societies and conspiracy theories and will launch in June. Both series will combine text and illustrations. A third digital project will be announced soon.

Osprey Adventures will be distributed in the U.S. by its American distributor, Random House.The first two books, Jason and the Argonauts and Dragonslayers will be available in March. The third, The War of Horus and Set is set to publish in May.