E-book pioneer RosettaBooks had it best year ever in 2012 with sales up more than 80% and the company said it paid out more than $2 million in royalties to authors and other rights holders. Rosetta has an e-book catalogue of 500 titles and offers a royalty rate of 50% of net receipts up to 2,500 copies and 60% of net receipts thereafter.

The higher sales are helping to fuel an overhaul of various Rosetta marketing resources. It has remade its Web site which now feaatures titles, authors, and collections published by Rosetta as well as successful promotional campaigns. The company has also rebranded and unified its social media campaigns, which can be found at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. The digital tools will be used to announce important releases along with author interviews and interesting factoids about literature and literacy.

“As a leader in digital publishing, we recognize that much of advertising and marketing is done online,” said founder Arthur Klebanoff. “We want to be connected to our readers through their devices. The new Web site and social media provide the tools to do that.”