Maine publisher Sellers Publishing has begun selling its line of books, calendars and greeting cards directly to Canadian retailers. The Canadian initiative is being overseen by Andrew Shapiro who manages a network of 13 independent sales reps in Canada. Previously, Sellers sold its products through the Ontario distributor Jannex.

Ronnie Sellers, president of Sellers Publishing, said that with the growth in his company’s product line the publisher is well positioned to exploit new opportunities in Canada. Sellers Publishing now has 200 calendar titles in six formats, about 2,000 different greeting card designs plus a broad list of books several hundred titles deep. “We want to make sure Canadian retailers and consumers have the opportunity to see and purchase everything we publish, not just the items our distributors stock,” explained Ronnie Sellers.

Before starting his own business, Shapiro was the business development manager for Papyrus/RPG and American Greetings. He can be reached at