Editor/publisher Amy Einhorn, whose eponymous imprint at Penguin Group has been a literary and commercial success since 2007, stopped in Los Angeles while on a unique multi-book five-city tour with her authors Suzanne Rindell (The Other Typist, May), Anne-Marie Casey (No One Could Have Guessed the Weather, June), and Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman (Freud’s Mistress, July) at Café Pinot in Los Angeles on March 20.

More than two-dozen Southern California booksellers were on hand to meet and mingle with the authors and Einhorn, whom many had never met. “This is a much better way to make personal connections than a sit-down dinner where guests sit next to the same person all night,” Einhorn said. “We’ve had great turnouts in each city.” Einhorn and company visited Seattle and San Francisco before the gathering in Los Angeles. The next soiree will be in Boston before the group ends the tour in New York on Friday, March 22 with a media luncheon.

“Amy is meticulous, and knows every aspect of publishing,” said Mack, who last partnered with Kaufman on A Version of the Truth in 2007. They were with Random House before joining Einhorn’s list. “Being with Amy now is fantastic,” she said. “This tour is so special. Rather than visiting two or three stores in one city, this allows us to meet twenty or thirty booksellers in one night in an intimate setting. It’s an example of how Amy naturally thinks out of the box as an editor and publisher.”

It was coincidental that these three forthcoming books became the impetus for Einhorn’s summer soiree idea. “As a group, these novels show us the arc of women’s progress over the last hundred years,” she said. “They don’t compete with each other – they complement each other on the list this summer.”