Grand Central has delayed publication of Jane Goodall's Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder From the World of Plants after it was found that multiple passages in the book were borrowed without attribution from Web sites including Wikipedia. Among the passages in question is an entire paragraph in Goodall's book on pesticides and tea estates that appears word for word on the Web site for Choice Organic Teas. In another passage, Goodall's book has a sentence on botanist John Bartram that is nearly identical to a sentence on his Wikipedia page.

Both Goodall and Hachette have released statements.

Goodall's statement is:

"Together with my publisher, I have decided to postpone the release of my new book, Seeds of Hope, so that we may have the necessary time to correct any unintentional errors. It is important to me that the proper sources are credited, and I will be working diligently with my team to address all areas of concern. My goal is to ensure that when this book is released it is not only up to the highest of standards, but also that the focus be on the crucial messages it conveys. It is my hope that then the meaningful conversation can resume about the harm we are inflicting on our natural environment and how we can all act together to ensure our children and grandchildren inherit a healthy planet."

Hachette stated:

"We look forward to publishing Seeds of Hope at a later date. The message of this book is an important and timely one and we will work closely with Dr. Goodall to make sure the book delivers on every level. We remain proud to be her publisher."