Chronicle Books announced that it will publish Sh*t Rough Drafts by Paul Laudiero, a first-time author and the grand-prize winner of The Great Tumblr Book Search. Additionally Chronicle and Tumblr have announced that the contest will be an annual partnership.

The Great Tumblr Book Search kicked off in January and Chronicle received 175 entries in just 45 days. For the past month, editors at both Chronicle and Tumblr read through the proposals. Laudiero's Sh*t Rough Drafts imagines early drafts of famous literary works and screenplays, including the Bible, Harry Potter, and Braveheart. The Tumblr was launched in February and quickly gained a following, as well as press coverage. The book will combine new entries with the best of the blog entries and is slated for publication in Spring 2014.

Chronicle has published several books from Tumblrs, most recently Dads Are the Original Hipsters and F*ck! I’m in My Twenties. “We're so proud of the brilliant creators on Tumblr and value this opportunity to celebrate them,” said Rachel Fershleiser, director of literary outreach at Tumblr. “Over 60 Tumblr blogs have become books to date, and we're excited to take this next step--starting with a top-notch publisher and scouring the community for the best book ideas.”