Clyde Edgerton’s new book, Pappadaddy's Book For New Fathers (Little, Brown; May 2013), is a culmination of Edgerton's three decades worth of wisdom for expectant and new dads. The book's release is a timely one, coming out in plenty of time for Father’s Day. Little, Brown hopes Pappadaddy's Book For New Fathers will reach more readers, and continue to charm Edgerton's established audience. National media hits for the book will include CBS’ This Morning and NPR’s All Things Considered. “We are touring Clyde and hitting many of the cities where he is a fan favorite, including Raleigh, Durham and Oxford. As well, we are promoting the book for Father’s Day," said Little, Brown associate director of publicity, Eilzabeth Garriga.

Author of acclaimed novels The Bible Salesman and The Night Train, Edgerton is known for his works in southern fiction. Pat Strachan, senior editor at Little, Brown, noted, “Although nonfiction, Pappadaddy's Book For New Fathers has the same spot-on comic timing of Clyde’s novels.”

Edgerton hopes his stories of fatherhood will resonate and uplift new fathers. “I wrote Pappadaddy's Book For New Fathers for any father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother, but especially for the new father who is apprehensive about being a dad," he said. "I want him to gain confidence in his innate ability to do the right thing. And I believe some mothers will be interested in reading over the new father's shoulder--especially the sections that say ‘for Fathers Only’."