Marking yet another example of an international publisher releasing titles direclty in the U.S., Netherlands house Arbeiderspers/A.W. Bruna Publishers' is releasing the book and iPad app Earned Attention.

"This a huge project," said The Arbeiderspers/A.W. Bruna Publishers' digital publisher Timo Boezeman. "It is also a new way of dealing with a changing publishing world. Instead of trying to sell the rights to international publishers, we decided to do it ourselves."

Boezeman called Earned Attention a "very practical marketing book." Along with the print title, consumers will also be able to access an iPhone app (free, it contains 50 audio interviews); a blog (it features new stories that are complementary to the book); and an iPad app (which costs $4.99 and combines all the aforementioned elements). The iPad app also includes hundreds of interactive links, the possibility to add post-it notes on every page and more.

"We were seeing the U.S. publishers (and retailers) go international, which frightens a lot of people in the business. We decided not to fight it, but to go that way ourselves," said Boezeman. "Why not try to grab the huge potential of the international English market? Well, that’s what we are going to do with this title."

Earned Attention is being done in addition to the deal the publisher reached earlier this year with Open Road Media under which Open Road will distribute digital editions of some Arbeiderspers/A.W. Bruna titles.