Publishers Group West will begin print and digital distribution for Patagonia Books, the publishing division of the outdoor clothing and gear company. The company has titles scheduled through spring 2015, and plans to publish five or more titles each year beginning in 2014. Patagonia's list includes titles on wilderness, wildlife, and outdoor sports, and books by company founder Yvonne Chouinard.

PGW also announced the addition of seven other publishers to its client list. The distributor signed Los Angeles Review of Books, and will begin with the inaugural issue of the LARB Quarterly Journal, which will be in bookstores in mid-October 2013. Also joining is illustrated catalog Cool Tools Lab, from cofounder of Wired Magazine Kevin Kelly. Additionally, PGW will distribute for independent publisher Three Rooms Press; Four Elephant Press; Rangjung Yeshe Publications; illustrated book publisher Figure 1; and middle grade publisher Goosebottom Books.