BelleBooks, Inc. has acquired a new imprint, ImaJinn Books, and added Brenda Chin as the imprint’s editorial director. Chin will join BelleBooks December 1. She had been senior editor at Harlequin, and previously worked with such bestselling authors as Carly Phillips, Julie Kenner, and Lori Foster.

“Brenda is an advocate for authors and has a tremendous reputation for building authors’ careers. Both (BelleBooks president) Debra Dixon and I started as authors, writing for Big 6 publishers, so Brenda’s approach fits perfectly with our efforts to create a positive, author-friendly team experience for everyone involved. As editorial director of her own imprint, she’ll have creative freedom to acquire a broad range of titles. We look forward to seeing her vision unfold,” said Deborah Smith, v-p and editorial director of Memphis' BelleBooks.

After 15 years as an independent publisher, ImaJinn Books, Inc. will be relaunched in late 2013. BelleBooks bought ImaJinn after its founder. Linda Kichline, died September 1. According to BelleBooks, Chin will continue to focus on ImaJinn's areas of strength in romance, most especially paranormal romance, while also acquiring original fiction across a broad range of romance.