Looking to connect its users to a growing source for funding, Book Country, the Penguin Group’s online writing community and self-publishing platform, has launched a curated page on Kickstarter, the popular online crowdfunding site, to highlight funding projects by Book Country members.

Book Country has launched the curated page to support its members titles and help them attract finanial support from the Kickstarter community. Book Country members can apply to featured on the curated page. According to Kickstarter data, there have been more than 4,500 successful book publishing projects launched on Kickstarter generating more than $41 million in funding. Book Country has about 12,000 members writing in more than 60 genres.

Penguin global digital director Molly Barton said, “Kickstarter is a natural fit with Book Country. We are the community where writers create the best book possible with feedback from other writers, and Kickstarter is where writers can earn crowdfunding to cover the costs of getting that book into the hands of readers.”