Morgan James Publishing is partnering with CML Entertainment to launch a new series imprint. Bruce Barbour, president of CML Entertainment, will run the imprint which has nine titles slated for release in the fall of 2014. The books will be published in print and digital formats, and the imprint plans to release adult, young adult, and children's titles in areas which it categorized as “inspiring stories that focus on cultivating and nurturing strong character through true-life examples of courage and honor.”

Based in Franklin, Tenn., CML Entertainment is looking to create stories in different formats where "character meets life," and while it was founded on "the unchanging nature of God," the new imprint "seeks to appeal and speak to every person, regardless of their religious affiliation," the companies said. CML plans to produce films based on each of their books. David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing, told PW, its partnership with CML "will open many new doors to venues and markets that we haven’t reached yet."