22%: Share of global revenue from e-books

35%: Share of U.S. general books group revenue from e-books

14%: Share of U.S. children’s group revenue from e-books

10%: Share of U.S. Christian group revenue from e-books

18%: Share of revenue outside the U.S. from e-books

30%: Year-over-year growth in e-book sales

40%: Year-over-year growth in backlist e-book sales

$200 million: Average quarterly sales of backlist titles

21%: Share of backlist sales from e-books

60%: Share of total HC revenue from backlist

7%: Year-over-year revenue decline

7.5%: Year-over-year EBITDA increase

57%: Share of revenue generated from top 15 customers

100,000: Number of active print and e-book titles