Simon & Schuster announced the launch of 250 Words, a "publisher-angnostic" Web site devoted to the world of business books, going live today. The site will feature original essays by authors from all publishing houses, reviews, and interviews with executives and entrepreneurs.

The centerpiece of the site, and the meaning behind its name, is a daily original essay no longer than 250 Words, also available via an e-mail subscription. The essays will "excavate useful anecdotes and interesting ideas from books that cover all aspects of the business world." The site will be overseen by independent writer Sam McNerney, and select articles will be featured on the Web site of Fortune Magazine,

“Business books have long had a strong and devoted readership, and we think that 250 Words can fill the need for a smart, highly-curated site dedicated to the best in this thriving category,” said S&S CEO Carolyn Reidy. “In establishing [it] as a publisher-agnostic site, we believe we can foster a community that will better serve authors and readers by bringing attention to the books that are of the most interest to them, regardless of the source.”

Although the current function of 250 Words is that of a marketing vehicle, S&S is "open to the possibility of generating revenue through advertising or partnerships in the future," according to an S&S spokesperson.