Worthy Publishing Group finished a strong second year with an 84% growth in sales in 2013 compared to 2012. “As an independent publisher starting from scratch in a turbulent publishing environment, we attribute our growth to three key components: the support of our investor is unrivaled; we’ve partnered with authors whose messages resonate loudly with consumers; and, we have a dedicated team of professionals whose experience, creativity, and work ethic are second to none,” president and publisher Byron Williamson told PW.

Williamson attributed the growth to a mix of titles and cited in particular The Jeremiah Study Bible which which was released on Thanksgiving and initially sold over 140,000 copies. Williamson predicted that the study bible willl soon surpass 300,000 copies in print. Another breakout book, John Hagee’s Four Blood Moons hit the New York Time’s Bestseller list, and has more than 375,000 copies already in print.

Recently, the company's WorthyKids imprint signed an expanded publishing deal with DreamWorks Animation for additional rights to VeggieTales. The company will be releasing new titles throughout 2014. Other new titles coming from Worthy include the latest from authors David Jeremiah, Ted Dekker, Ralph Reed, Bob Coy, Bob Buford, Rudy Rasmus, Les and Leslie Parrott, and Stephen Mansfield.