China South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd (ZhongNan), established in 2008, is a book and newspaper publisher and printer. ZhongNan publishes general books, textbooks, educational materials, multimedia products, Internet, and investment. The company operates mainly in China’s Southern Hunan province. Its shares are traded at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Subsidiaries of China South Media include China South Media Hunan Publishing Center Branch Company, China South Media Hunan Education Publishing House Branch Company, Hunan People's Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Yuelu Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Science & Technology Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Juvenile & Children's Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Electronic Audio & Video Publishing House Co., Ltd., Hunan Provincial Printing Materials General Company, Hunan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Xiaoxiang Morning Herald Press Co., Ltd., Hunan Red Web News Network & Communication Co., Ltd., Hunan New Teaching Materials Co.,Ltd., Hunan Jiahui Education Book Publishing Co.,Ltd., Hunan Tianwen Animation & Comic Media Co., Ltd, China South Media Beijing Yongsi Book Co., Ltd., and Tianwen Digital Media Technology(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

China South was not listed in last year’s Global Ranking because publishing revenue information was not available.

Key Company Developments in 2013


China South was included in the government’s policy to engage in international markets, with a focus on digital. China South launched a joint project with Huawei, a leading Chinese digital company, in 2011, and continues to push for growth in traditional publishing along with digital innovation. (See Publishers Weekly China Special Report 2011)

While we could not receive an audited financial report for China South, with results broken down by segments, local partner BookDao ( provided specific figures for corporate and publishing.

In 2013, activities of China South include investments in traditional publishing companies and a 300 RMB joint venture with the Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Company Ltd. to establish Hunan Education Television Station.

The move into television and other media reflects government’s policy of encouraging media companies to develop cross-platform assets.

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