Little, Brown has announced that it will publish the first and only authorized book of late musician Nick Drake's life and work. Remembered For A While, has been, according to the publisher, six years in the making, and will include an introduction by Drake's sister, Gabrielle, who compiled and edited the book alongside Cally Callomon. The title will go on sale December 9, timed with the fortieth anniversary of Drake's death.

Divided into five sections, the book will, per Little, Brown, "follow the imagery of one of Nick's best known songs, 'Fruit Tree.'" It will document "the seed," Drake's early life; "the flower," the time he spent in France and Cambridge; "the fruit," his studio albums; "the harvest," his posthumous rise to fame; and "the stock," a comprehensive guide to Drake's work.

Remembered For A While will include contributions from peers, critics, friends and family, including his producer Joe Boyd and fellow singer-songwriter Paul Wheeler. It will also contain Drake's handwritten and typed lyrics, including those belonging to songs to music unfound.

Drake released three studio albums, Five Leaves Left, Bryter Layter, and Pink Moon, before his death on November 25, 1974 at the age of 26.