Amazon KDP's top selling author of all time, Barbara Freethy, has started a new imprint to oversee publication of her works in print formats. Hyde Street Press, part of Freethy’s Fog City Publishing company, will have its titles distributed by Ingram Publisher Services.

Freethy had been published by legacy houses before turning to self-publishing. In total, she says she has sold over 4.8 million e-books of her 40 novels.

Addressing her new print division, Freethy said she felt the time was right to start issuing her titles paper. “I'm excited that Ingram is willing to work with me to fill the void between the digital indie bestsellers and the physical bookstore market,” Freethy explained, adding that she is confident her books will perform well in print.

Freethy’s daughter, Kristen Freethy, will be heading up print operations and overseeing a team of freelance professionals. To promote her new print titles, Freethy plans to rely on her social media platforms, as well as direct mailings to her fans in the U.S. and abroad.

Hyde Street Press is set to release six to eight titles annually. Freethy’s first four pint titles, available from IPS this spring, are: On a Night Like This; So This Is Love; Falling For A Stranger; and Between Now and Forever.