Announced earlier this month and officially on sale today, Melville House's edition of the document known as the Senate Torture Report, is going back to press. The indie press released the report in two editions--paperback and digital--and confirmed that, already, the initial 50,000 print run has shipped through and the press is preparing to do a reprint.

Although the report was released by the government, Melville House's Julia Fleischaker said it was only available as a pdf document that is "difficult to read, and pretty much impossible to search." Melville House's edition, called The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture, is a much improved take on the original, according to Fleischaker. She said that the print edition features a formatted typeset that allows for "improved readability" and added that MH's digital edition is "the only fully searchable" version of the 6,000-page document.

To promote the edition, and "keep the conversation going" about the report, Melville House is arranging a handful of events in the new year, including some panel discussions.