A look at publishers, bookstores, libraries, startups, and the literary life in one of the country's most vibrant book regions.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Something for Quite Literally Everybody

California embodies the spirit of the West, a place where reinvention is possible, so it is no surprise that many independent publishers call the Bay Area home.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Bookstores Find A New Groove

With the seven-square-mile city of San Francisco as its focal point, the Bay Area is a vibrant literary environment that has long nurtured independent bookstores.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: The Wild West Of Kids’ Books

With numerous small presses, the Bay Area is an innovative playground for adults who devote their lives to publishing the best in children’s literature.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Digital Winners In the Bay Area

No examination of the Bay Area publishing scene would be complete without highlighting the many digital publishing and distribution startups in the area.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: The Bay Area’s Literary Landscape

The Bay Area has long been known for its literary happenings.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Bay Area Libraries Look Forward

In the Bay Area, where technology reigns, libraries are rebranding themselves as 21st-century centers of information while staying true to their roots.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Farm to Table To Shelf

From innovative restaurants on every corner to foodies clamoring for the next trend, the Bay Area has one of the nation’s hottest culinary scenes.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: The Bay Area’s Bookmakers

One reason for the strong publishing presence in the Bay Area is the long history of leadership and vision provided by men and women who rose to become prominent publishing figures across the nation.

Bay Area Spotlight 2015: A Different Vibe

Though the University of California Press (UC Press) and Stanford University Press (SUP) are the only university presses in the Bay Area, they are among the country’s most innovative academic publishers.