Library and educational publisher Rosen Publishing has acquired the assets of Jackdaw Publications, an educational house that produces facsimiles of primary historical documents. Rosen took control of the Jackdaws and Jackdaw Publications names on June 19 and is moving their editorial and production operations to the Rosen Publishing offices in New York City.

Jackdaw Publications, has about nine employees. The company offers 250 titles, facsimile documents that include photo collections reproduced at the same scale of the original material. The company has been directed for years by the husband and wife team of Roger and Mary Jacques and most recently by their children from offices in Amawalk, N.Y.. Christine Jacques said the family was “thrilled” to have Rosen, “continue the legacy our family worked so hard to establish.”

Rosen Publishing CEO Roger Rosen, emphasized Jackdaw’s relevance in today’s classrooms. “I am committed to maintaining and expanding the existing list as well as exploring digital options that meet the evolving needs of teachers.” Roger Rosen said the company will publish at least 10 new Jackdaw Publications every year and that Jackdaw will operate as an autonomous imprint of Rosen Publishing.

Roger Rosen said the acquisition is “a perfect compliment to Rosen’s social studies programs for middle schools and high schools.” While Rosen plans to move Jackdaw operations to New York, he said Jackdaw will “have a dedicated team building the new Jackdaws material with noted historians.”