Les Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut is the largest legal publisher in France. The company was created in 1999 by a merger between Editions Francis Lefebvre and Editions Législatives with a focus on publishing, professional education and database integration. Les Editions Francis Lefebvre was founded in 1930 and Les Editions Législatives was founded in 1947. Les Editions Législatives publishes loose-leaf-collections and is a leader in social and business law. Both companies continue to act as separate editorial and commercial entities along with Dalloz, the leading French academic law publisher and publisher of the Little Red Book series, which it purchased from Hachette in 2006.

Les Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut specialises on tax, law, accountability and social publishing targeted at business corporations and their international branches and their requirements of professional expertise. The group has offices in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Analysis & Key Developments


Levebvre-Sarrut is a privately held company and does not release any financial information aside from the annual revenue. It has shown continuous growth over the past 5 years.

Internal developments

ELS group acquired SDU, a Dutch publisher with leading positions in legal, tax and regulatory and business information in 2013. Through SDU, ELS now has a 45% control in Juris, a German online publisher.

In 2011, the company acquired 100% of Publishco Holding NV, a Belgian book publisher that also publishes newsletters under the Indicator Brand in five European countries.


The international brands owned or co-owned by Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut include Juris in Germany (45%), Indiator in Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Sdu Uitgevers in the Netherlands, and FLMemo in the UK.

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