This week, to celebrate the publication of What Pet Should I Get?, the new lost-then-found Dr. Seuss book, we asked you to tell us your favorite books by the master of kids' lit. We present our favorite responses below:

"...was first intro to art-as-action / avant garde / Fluxus type absurd impulse / event"

-@afteriwasdead, Twitter

"Loved how the character the Once-Ler represented greed and what it can do to a person of they are not careful! Also the humming fish were just adorable!"

-Kimberly Michelle David,

"...the miniature worlds are mesmerizing, and because of the message: one little voice could be the tipping point."

-Donna Blackett Long,

There was also a lot of enthusiasm for Green Eggs and Ham, and one reader even expressed love for Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!, which is an obscure one.

But the three above are the old standbys, so it's not surprising. Though the Cat being embraced by the avant garde is exciting news indeed!