Erotic romance publisher Ellora’s Cave and Dear Author blogger Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe have both filed motions in Ohio District Court requesting a summary judgment on their respective claims in an ongoing libel and defamation suit.

The two parties have been locked in a legal battle since September 2014, when the the plaintiffs--Ellora’s Cave CEO Patty Marks and her daughter Tina Engler (who founded Ellora's Cave)--filed a defamation suit against Gerrish-Lampe. Marks and Engler claim that Gerrish-Lampe, at her Dear Author blog, posted a destructive article about legal and financial problems at Ellora's Cave.

In the latest filings, Ellora’s Cave submitted a six-page brief, while Gerrish-Lampe countered with a 26-page one; each is asking the court for a summary ruling in their favor.

Deirdre Saoirse Moen, a science fiction and fantasy author, has posted the full briefs from both parties on her blog.