With Grand Central Publishing’s mass market paperback edition of To Kill a Mockingbird set to go out of print next month, HarperCollins is introducing a special price offer for schools on its trade paperback edition. Beginning April 27, HC will begin what is essentially a rebate program with its accounts that sell directly to K-12 schools, enabling them to buy its $14.99 trade paperback for what amounts to the mass market price of $8.99.

The estate of Mockingbird author Harper Lee declined to renew the license for the mass market edition of Mockingbird. The novel, a staple in high school classrooms, has been published in mass market paperback since 1962 by Grand Central and its predecessor companies. Lee died last month and, according to Grand Central parent Hachette Book Group, the Lee estate said it was discontinuing the mass market paperback due to “the wishes of the author.” Grand Central will stop selling its edition on April 25.

Michael Morrison, president and publisher of HC U.S. general books and Canada, said the publisher is happy to enable schools to buy the trade paperback “at the lower price they have become accustomed to.” HC said the special offer, which applies only to schools, is open-ended and will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

In addition to selling two trade paperback editions of Mockingbird, HC sells a hardcover and e-book edition. It is also the publisher of Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, which was released last year.