Harlequin UK and Harlequin North America (NA) are joining forces to jointly acquire and promote fiction for their respective trade imprints across world English markets.

According to Loriana Sacilotto, executive v-p, global editorial for Harlequin and who is heading up the North American program, with the U.K. and North American divisions working together, Harlequin will be well positioned to “broaden the scope of our commercial fiction list” that it will sell throughout its world English markets.

Based out of London and New York, the two publishing teams will take advantage of their knowledge, networks and expertise in their corresponding markets to jointly distribute, market and sell their titles, Harlequin said.

Lisa Milton, executive publisher at Harlequin UK, said the new program will enable Harlequin to put more resources behind particular titles in each of its different markets. “With one voice and one campaign tweaked for each market, we can achieve so much more than we could individually,” she said.

Recent acquisitions that will benefit from the joint marketing approach include The Improbable Flight of Ginny Moon by Ben Ludwig, A Heart Full of All Kinds of Love by Brianna Wolfson, An Almond for A Parrot by Wray Delaney, For Eve by Allegra Huston, and Arrowood by Mick Finlay.

Sacilotto said Harlequin is aggressively looking for additional authors who would benefit from this new global approach.