Ahead of the conventions, we took a spin through PW's archives for previous coverage of the candidates. What we found was Hillary Clinton plowing through a blizzard to record her audiobook, Donald Trump's publisher looking forward to publishing "a library of books by him," and more. Take a look below.

Hillary Clinton Battles Blizzard to Record S&S Audiobook
Hillary Clinton had to brave a massive blizzard to record the audiobook edition of 'It Takes a Village.' Our March 4, 1996 issue, gets the scoop.

Staying Up For Hillary
Tracking the hotly anticipated release of Hillary Clinton's then-record-breaking memoir 'Living History,' including its midnight sales, from our June 23, 2002, issue.

Out of the Gate
Our July 7, 2003 issue sized up the competition for bestsellerdom between Clinton's 'Living History' and J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.'

Trump Biographers Play Their Cards
In our March 14, 2005 issue, we examined Trump books during the lead-up to the finale of 'The Apprentice,' including biographies and Trump's own book on golfing.

The Monday Interview with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
"I'm a cautious optimist and I think it's best to focus on the solution instead of the problem," said Donald Trump in this October 2011 interview.