HarperCollins has relaunched its website, with an eye towards selling direct. The Big 5 publisher said the rejiggered site, www.HarperCollins.com, in addition to "continuing to drive sales" has also been optimized for mobile devices.

The new site offers a variety of new bells and whistles, including video, Instagram feeds and a feature called "Book Finder" that allows consumers to browse curated selections of gift books.

Speaking to the new site, HC chief marketing officer Angela Tribelli said the goal was "to ensure that hc.com featured the best on behalf of our authors." Tribelli continued: “New is always nice, but relevant is even better, and we know how to deliver what readers want." She then added that after the site's last redesign, traffic and sales increased "significantly" over the following year. "We’re looking to continue that trend.”

Correction: The article has been modified to reflect the fact Angela Tribelli said she hopes the updated website will drive sales; she did not say direct sales.